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Why Choose Linchpin Property Managers in Fayetteville, NC


Finding the right property manager in in Fayetteville, NC can be a trying task.  When you look for a property manager to help you manage your rental property, what are some key considerations you should have?

At Linchpin Property Management we believe that every owner should have access to information before they even make the decision to contact us. This logic provides you with transparency, and the understanding that you will not receive the used car salesman pitch when you contact our property managers to manage your rental properties.  

We know you are looking for more than trying to list your house for rent by owner.  You expect a high level of professionalism from property managers in Fayetteville to protect your asset. 

Listen to this video below by our CEO, a retired military lawyer and licensed North Carolina attorney, to find out why we are the best choice for property managers in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Also, be sure to continue reading to learn some very important considerations when interviewing property managers in Fayetteville, and download our Property Manager Interview checklist to use to interview other property management companies.


What Makes our Fayetteville Property Managers Different?

Flat Fee Pricing

More Cash Flow In Your Pocket

Frequent Inspections And Reports

More Value And Transparency

Lowest Manager To Property Ratio

More Property Oversight

Attorney Protection

More Peace Of Mind

No Long Term Contracts

More Accountability And Flexibility

Important Considerations When Interviewing a Property Manager in Fayetteville, NC

Although there are many considerations when hiring property managers in Fayetteville, here are a few key things you should look at before making your final decision.


Are the Property Managers Transparent?


Transparency is the key to a successful relationship. As landlord who is placing an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hands of a property manager, you would expect such transparency. 

Transparency for the property manager in Fayetteville begins with the website. Everything you need to come close to making your decision should be contained on the property managers website. 

The less there is, the more you should caution yourself against hiring the property management company. 

Imagine if you had to call 100 companies and interview them all. This is a waste of your valuable time, and demonstrates the property managers lack of care in helping you make the right decision from the start.


Does the Property Manager Make You Sign a Long Term Contract?


The vast majority of property managers in Fayetteville, NC make you sign a long term contract for their services.  

It’s called an “Exclusive Property Management Agreement.” 

What the agreement does is locks you into their services for a year, and automatically renews.  This is even so in the event you are not satisfied with their services.  

At Linchpin Property Management, we don’t believe in long term contracts.  In fact, we despise them.  

Simply put, there is no logical reason as to why you should have to lock someone into a long term contract.  The only factual basis is that the property manager doesn’t believe in their ability to deliver quality service.  

We believe their is a value added proposition for our service.  We provide you with value as property managers, and you continue to use our service. 

If you don’t see value, or we aren’t living up to our end of the bargain, we both can part ways.  

That’s the way a business relationship should be.  There shouldn’t be a contract that locks you into a relationship with your property manager that is not beneficial for both parties. 


Is the Property Manager a Licensed Real Estate Agent?


This is a big one with Fayetteville property managers, and a dirty little secret. 

Armed with the right questions you, as a property owner, will be able to sort through and get the answers you are looking for. 

With Fayetteville property managers, what often happens is that the person who is handling the day to day affairs of your property is not a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina. 

Shocking isn’t it? 

Property managers have become crafty and may call them anything from leasing consultants, to tenant and landlord relations. 

The bottom line is that the person who is handling your property, the property manager during the day to day operations, is not a licensed real estate agent. 

What this means for you, is that, arguably your most valuable asset, is left in the hands of someone who hasn’t gone through any formal training at all. 

In no other asset management service is this even remotely acceptable. Why would you, in turn, have your asset managed by someone without a license? 

And why are you paying money for this service? 

At Linchpin Property Management, all of our property managers are licensed real estate brokers. It’s a requirement that we will compromise.


What is the Fee Structure of the Property Management Company?


This is another area which deserves transparency. Especially when you are dealing with your hard earned money. 

Most property managers in Fayetteville do not have their pricing structure on their website. They expect you to call them to find out their pricing structure. 

And when you call, they try to sell you. 

The reason is, most of them do business the same way. 

They charge a percentage based fee structure, usually 8-10% of one month’s rent. They all say the same things, and all offer the same service. 

The kicker, however, is that you may end up paying more FOR THE SAME SERVICE as another landlord. That’s the dirty little secret of Fayetteville property managers who charged based upon a percentage of your rental income. 

Here’s a quick illustration: 

In the same subdivision, on the same street, Landlord #1 charges $1,200 for rent; Landlord #2 charges $1,500; and Landlord #3 charges $900. Based upon a 10% fee structure: Landlord #1 pays $120; Landlord #2 pays $150; and Landlord #3 pays $90. 

But they are all getting the same service!!! 

Doesn’t make sense does it? It shouldn’t, and there is no rational reason as to why. 

As property managers in Fayetteville, Linchpin Property Management believes in charging a flat rate for our property management services. 

Simply put, we believe “While All Properties Aren’t Equal, All Landlords Should be Treated Equally!” 

You can find out more about our property management pricing structure, and why the percentage based pricing model cuts into your bottom line by clicking here: Cost for Property Management.


Does the Fayetteville Property Manager Provide Free Information?


One of the hallmarks of a true professional property manager is whether or not they belong to real estate professional organizations, and whether or not they provide free information and resources to landlords and property investors. 

At Linchpin, we pride ourselves in having the most robust list of free resources for our landlords and property investors. Our property managers work tirelessly to make sure we give information for free. 

What this means to you as a real estate investor is that if you so desired, you could manage your own property for free, without the help of our managers. 

On our blog, you will find resources and self learning modules to get you started on becoming a successful landlord. 

These resources range from How to Evict a Tenant in North Carolina in case you need to evict a tenant, to working you through the handling of security deposits. 

You will also find a North Carolina Sample Lease Agreement to get you through the leasing process. Last, we also provide you with resources on how to properly screen a tenant. 

No other property management company in Fayetteville provides you with the amount of resources we provide.


Is the Website Modern and Responsive?


This is another area where property managers in Fayetteville are lacking. The website is the gateway for everything from your initial contact with the property management company, to how they market your property for lease. 

What you will find is that many websites are old, antiquated, and not optimized for the internet in order to ensure you receive the best possible results for your rental property. 

In todays world of internet search results, it is imperative that you are afforded with a fighting chance against other property owners in Fayetteville. Your best chance, is to ensure that your property manager is using the latest technology, and that they know how to use their website’s presence to your advantage.


Download Our Fayetteville Property Manager Interview Checklist


These are just a few of the things you should consider when hiring a property manager in Fayetteville. 

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions, but if you have any others, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also, don’t forget to download your Fayetteville Property Manager Interview Checklist at the link below. 

Last, sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly tips and tricks to make you a successful landlord and property investor in the future.

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