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Need Property Management?


Looking For A Rental?


Property Management in Fayetteville, North Carolina For the Smart Property Owner


Property management in Fayetteville, North Carolina has it’s own set of unique challenges. The nature of real estate property management, is founded upon the trust given by a property owner, to a company to manage the property owner’s property.

At Linchpin Property Management, we view our charge a bit differently. As a property management company, we understand that your property is an investment and, with that focus, we understand our job is to protect your rental property investment beyond our mere fiduciary duty.

What Makes Our Property Management Services Different?


Here is the Bottom Line Up Front:

  • We are the only rental property management company owned by a retired military attorney, enabling you to be protected fully for FREE.
  • We offer a flat rate pricing structure, rather than a percentage, to increase your return on investment. 
  • We maintain a consistently low property manager to properties managed ratio, ensuring your rental investment is taken care of and not neglected.


Hands down, we provide the best premium service to all of our landlords and real estate investors.

Continue reading below to find out why Linchpin is your best choice for property management in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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No Long Term Property Management Contracts

Property management companies in Fayetteville, North Carolina frequently use long term contracts for their services.  Let’s face it, long term contracts serve no useful purpose other than to lock you into a service, which may or may not meet your expectations. In fact, long term property management contracts violate the basics of good property management.  At Linchpin, we firmly believe that the relationship is established between you and our company by virtue of the service we provide to you. Rather than lock you into a long term exclusive management contract, we stand firmly behind the value added approach of knowing that we will continuously work hard for you, and protect your asset, by way of our due diligence. Quality service will always beat out a contractual obligation.

Locked Into A Property Management Nightmare

How many horror stories have you heard of people being locked into contracts where the relationship has deteriorated, and were unable to get out prior to the expiration of the terms? Gym memberships, cellular phone services, and cable providers, just to name a few. Despite the lack of quality service, the customer is forced to use the provider until they can run away as fast as they can. This nightmare repeats itself on a daily basis across Fayetteville, North Carolina with landlords and rental management companies.

Performance Forms The Relationship

Our agreement with you is performance based. We lay out clearly what you can expect from us as a property management company, as well as set out our expectations of you as an owner. If we aren’t living up to your expectations as a property management company, we will make our best effort to cure any defects. If we are unable to resolve your dissatisfaction, unlike a lengthy divorce, we will amicably part ways. We won’t, however, leave you out to dry. We’ll help you find a better fit in the Fayetteville area, or provide you with resources to assist in the management of your own property.

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$100 Flat Fee Property Management Pricing Structure

We Put More Money In Your Piggy Bank. In Fayetteville and the surrounding area, property management companies typically charge you 8-10 percent of your rental income to manage your property. At Linchpin Property Management, we realized this creates a big inequity with landlords. What this means is that if your property rents for $1500 a month, you are charged $150 dollars a month for rental management fees based upon a 10 percent fee structure. If another landlord’s property rents for $800 a month, they are charged $80 a month for rental management in Fayetteville. The kicker is, both landlords are receiving the same rental management services. Our $100 flat fee pricing structure treats all landlords equally, and Clickity Clank. . . Clickity Clank. . . More Money In Your Piggy Bank!

Equality in Property Management Pricing Structure

Why are you paying more than the next landlord? This is a question you must ask yourself, because a percentage based pricing structure does just that. You may be paying more for the EXACT SAME SERVICE than another property owner in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Think about it like this. If you go a restaurant and order a burger, the same burger as the next table, and you are charged more, wouldn’t you ask the manager why? At Linchpin, we realize that all properties aren’t created equally, but all Landlords are treated equally!

More Cash Flow In Your Pocket

In the example we spoke of above, you end up paying $840 more a year if your property rents for $1500 a month, and another landlord rents their property for $800 a month. That’s $840 you could be using to pay down the principal on your mortgage, saving your thousands in the long run. Or you could have invested the difference each month in an investment that compounds interest. At any rate, that money would be free for you to use however you decide. At Linchpin, we charge a flat rate for property management services, putting that money back into your piggy bank.

Where Is Your Money Going

Property management companies in Fayetteville often taken on a lot of unnecessary overhead to operate. This is even more true when the property management company is part of a larger real estate company. What this means is that the fees you pay each month are used to supplement the revenue of other departments. Like it or not, your fees are more than likely being used to pay for a big office space which doesn’t add value to your investment; salaries, utilities, equipment, staff support, marketing and advertisement, and other liabilities are paid out of your property management fees, and you are not receiving value an appreciable impact. At Linchpin, we believe in a lean approach, without sacrificing service. We only manage properties, so you know 100 percent of your fees is going to property management.

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Fayetteville Property Management, Military Attorney Led

The only property management company serving Fayetteville North Carolina and the surrounding area led by a retired military attorney. Coupled with over 24 years of real estate and property management, this provides the added protection of knowing, in the event your property is damaged due to tenant neglect or you have to go through an eviction or other court proceeding, your interest will be represented in court FREE of charge. A safety net no other rental investment management company in Fayetteville, North Carolina can provide for one of your most valuable assets.

Attorney Representation

As hard as we try to find you the best tenants for your property, we have been in property management in Fayetteville long enough to realize, despite the best screening, things may happen which necessitate attorney involvement. At Linchpin, you can rest assured that a North Carolina licensed attorney will be involved in every step of any administrative or court proceeding, representing your interest for the best results. Free of charge.  No other management company in Fayetteville, North Carolina can provide you with this type of property management protection. 

Leases That Conform to Your Property

An added benefit of having a dedicated attorney leading our property management company, is the assurance that the lease between you and your tenant represents the relevant state law. Further, each lease agreement can be customized, taking into account your specific request. Leases used by other companies are standard forms which CANNOT be customized without being reviewed by an attorney, costing you additional money for even the slightest changes, and leaving gaps in landlord protection. Our leases protect owner interest to the fullest extent.

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Property Management Preventive Checks And Maintenance

Frequent property inspections are one of the surefire ways to ensure your property is being protected. Management of your property should include a detailed plan for inspecting your property to ensure not only that your tenant is living in conformity with the lease, but also to ensure there aren’t any additional issues unknown to the tenant that need to be addressed. At Linchpin Property Management, we have the very best comprehensive management plans which allow for the inspection of your property up to a frequency of every 2 months. No other property management company in Fayetteville provides the level of attention to detail we provide. Waiting for the move out inspection to take into account damages, is neglectful property management at best.

Frequent Property Inspections

The horror stories of property management companies only conducting property inspections during the move in and move out inspections are all over the internet. The result of the property management company’s neglect is the property owner being left with a security deposit which doesn’t cover tenant damages (thus having to come out of pocket); a decreased home valuation; and the inability to quickly turn around the now vacant property to another tenant (and potentially losing a qualified and verified tenant). At Linchpin, we have management plans which afford you as a property owner the peace of mind knowing your asset is inspected at least every 2 months.

Detailed Owner Reporting

Our Fayetteville, North Carolina property owners who are managed by us, receive a detailed owner report at different touch points. The first is a detailed report at tenant move in. Next, comes a detailed report during the periodic inspections and maintenance checks. Last you will receive a detailed pre-move out report, followed by a move out and corrective actions report. While it may seem extraneous, we believe detailed inspections and reporting affords our property owners the information they need concerning their assets. Additionally, it holds us accountable, as a property management company, to provide you with the quality of service you deserve. Think of it as Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services for your asset.

property manager in fayetteville lowest ratio or property managers

Lowest Property Manager to Property Ratio

Our small ratio of property manager to properties, affords you the luxury of knowing your property is constantly supervised effectively and efficiently. The larger the delta is relative to the number of properties managed, the more you should be concerned that your management company is treating your asset as a commodity, not with the care and attention your property deserves.

An Asset Not A Commodity

It is common practice among property management companies in Fayetteville, North Carolina to commoditize your asset, and see your property under their management as nothing more than an opportunity for revenue. At Linchpin Property Management, we believe that in order to effectively manage your property, there must be a low ratio of property managers in respect to their individual property management portfolios. We have the lowest manager to properties in the property management business in Fayeteville, and will never compromise this for the sake of profit. Your property management asset is more than a number.

More Effective Communication

Our low property manager to property ratio allows our property managers to communicate with you in a timely and frequent manner. Experience has taught us that near constant communication with our property owners, results in better outcomes for all interested parties. Property management companies with higher ratios simply can’t match our dedication to you as an owner, and the trust you place in us to manage your asset.

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The first step in our process is to schedule a time to discuss your property management needs. During this time we will find out about your property, and how we can help you with the placement and management of tenants. We will also develop a mutually agreed upon plan to maximize your property’s full rental potential.

Step #2 Finding You The Right Tenants

Focused tenant screening and marketing campaign. Not every tenant is the right tenant. We use a focused marketing and screening campaign to find the right tenant for you.

Step #3 Keeping and Exceeding Your Home's Value

Leave your property asset management and protection to us. We will handle the inspections, maintenance requests, and cash flow to you. Your asset is safe with us.

Step #4 Keys To Your Success

Unlike most property management companies, we stand by our commitment to you, and will never view you as a commodity. Our low manger to property ratio, frequency of inspection, and communications to our owners is unmatched by any other company. Our goal is to increase the value of your asset, and the revenue generated, over time, not merely collect a fee