Evicting a Tenant in Fayetteville Shouldn't Be a Problem

Your eviction made simply, by a Fayetteville North Carolina eviction attorney who owns a property management company, and knows your concerns, issues, and problems. 


Not in Fayetteville?  We can be your lawyer for your eviction no matter where you are in North Carolina.  Just ask us for help. 


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Tenant Problems

Practical solutions to help you rid yourself of tenant problems and headaches.

Regain Possession of Property

We help you get the eviction to get your Fayetteville property back.

DIY Landlord Evictions

If you want to do the eviction on your own, we can prepare you from start to finish.

Yes you can evict even during the CDC and State Moritoriums.

The common misunderstanding is that you can’t evict during the coronavirus moratorium.  This is furthest from the truth.  In fact, evictions have been going on in North Carolina the entire time.

The fact remains that you may have been losing sleep because you aren’t legally trained, and you don’t practice law to the degree we do.  And that’s ok.  That’s why we are here to help you along in your journey. Your eviction solutions in Fayetteville are provided by an attorney who owns a property management company. 



Your Problems, Our Solutions, Your Problem Solvers


You have 99 Landlord Problems, and we have a solution for each one.

Non-Payment of Rent

Your mortgage payment is due.

Destruction of Property

Decreasing the value of your rental.

Tenant Non-Compliance

Conversations aren’t working.

Collecting Damages

Recovering your money owed.

Tenant Evictions

Recovery of your asset.

Legal Compliance

Faulty Leases and Housing Violations.

Not Responsive

Tenant not responding to notices.

No Knowledge of the Law

North Carolina eviction law is hard.

Poor Tenant Lease Agreement

Makes the eviction process difficult.

Losing Money

Owed rent is burning a hole in your pocket.

Not Doing Inspections

Hard to collect damages when you evict.

Denied Evictions

You tried to evict in court but lost.

Landlords Love Our Legal Solutions

“The Landlord Legal Advisors are pros! They gave us excellent advice in dealing with a tenant. They provided us with paperwork to present that was legally sound and current. I am so grateful for the help we received during a stressful situation. I highly recommend thier team for all property related needs!”

Jennifer L.

“They have been very helpful in helping me get rid of my current property management company that was awful! They have been extremely helpful with providing me with knowledge and helping me with legal steps. The fact that they went above and beyond what I expected as a client is impeccable.”

Lisa M.

“The Landlord Legal Advisors were super helpful with a property I own. This company offers great advice, has extremely timely responses, super professional in their dealings, and goes the extra mile to help military members. I could not ask for a better company to deal with.”

Kyle K.

“Finding the right property manager is essential to renting out a home, especially for those of us in the military. If you need one, then Lena with Linchpin Property Management is the person you want in the Fayetteville, NC and Fort Bragg area, where too many military households are trying to balance the stress of moving around from one place to another. Lena has a critical eye about what repairs need to made which will ensure the safety of tenants, while protecting the landlords from unnecessary litigation. Lena will make sure your home is taken care of while you are away, someplace far from Fort Bragg. Likewise, you have someone in your corner to deal with improvements and repairs, which is difficult when you’re out-of-town and in some far-off place. My recommendation is to use Linchpin if you want to save money and protect your home.”

Ralph S.

Meet Your Fayetteville Eviction Attorney.

You signed your lease, and you trusted your tenant to do the right thing.  The fact is, they didn’t, despite the chances you gave.  As a Fayetteville eviction lawyer, and owner of a property management company, I’ve seen and heard it all.

My journey started with graduating from the Northwestern University School of Law, a top ten law school, and forming a property management company after retirement from the Army. 

We are the only eviction law firm in Fayetteville that exclusively practices Landlord Tenant Law. What this means is that you can rest assured we know the steps to get you possession of your property, and to collect damages on your behalf. 

Meet Your Problem Solving Guide

Trust is a hard thing to give, and you didn’t take it lightly.  You trusted your tenants to do the right thing, and they didn’t.  You trusted your property management company, they were negligent, and created more problems.

As an attorney who owns a property management company, I have been there, and I understand your pain.  Me and my team of dedicated landlord paralegals are here to translate our experience into your problem solving solution.

Process Oriented Fayetteville, North Carolina Evictions

Lack of knowledge and practical application just might be your Achilles heel.  It’s not that you CAN’T do it. . . . .It’s that you don’t know HOW to do it.

We help you become the hero of your own Fayetteville, NC eviction story, and provide you with the knowledge, wisdom, and focused legal advice, to rewrite the chapter in your book.

Problem Solved 

Eviction Problems Don’t Take Care of Themselves, They Just Get Bigger

You took the first step and realized you need help of a Fayetteville eviction attorney.  It may seem easy to evict your tenant, but there are a number of pitfalls that can get in the way.  You benefit from the clear, concise, practical solutions we provide to handle your eviction and other tenant problems.  

The longer you wait, the bigger and more costly your problems and eviction becomes. 

1. Schedule a Consult

You speak with an eviction attorney who knows your pain.  We collaborate for a solutions oriented eviction approach.

2. Get Tailored Legal Advice

You get a comprehensive course of action developed based on your unique needs.  You benefit from experience.

3. Implement Solutions

You are armed with the tools for success, with educated problem solving, from a knowledgeable eviction law firm.

Custom Eviction Complaints

Prepared by a lawyer who is the owner of a property management company.  You know you are completely covered.

DIY Evictions

If you want, we can teach you how to manage your own eviction from start to finish, and set you up for success. 

Full Service Evictions

We take care of everything, giving you the peace of mind you have an advocate who lives Landlord-Tenant Law.

Tenant Damages Lawsuits

We fight the fight with your tenants, recovering damages. You can bet after the eviction there will be damages. 

Notices to Tenants

We give you teeth to your eviction notices, by ensuring legal compliance, with the full weight of our legal practice at your side.

Recovering Damages

We hold tenants accountable, and get you back the money you deserve to repair your property after the eviction.

Your Problems, Our Solutions

Process oriented legal solutions to help you maintain, regain, or alleviate the pain from neglectful tenants.  Let us guide you to become the hero of your own story!

Do It Yourself Evictions

We do all of the paperwork, prepare you for court, and help you win!


  • We prepare all of your filing documents correctly
  • Detailed plan of action for court
  • Drafting of arguments to say in court
  • Challenges to tenant evidence and arguments in court
  • Preparation of motions to dismiss and other legal documents

Custom Lease Preparation

Leases prepared by an attorney who only practices landlord law.


  • Superior to Zillow, EZ-Landlord Forms, and other leases
  • Prepared by a licensed attorney who knows landlord-tenant law
  • Expands upon standard leases
  • Drafted to maximize landlord protections.
  • Protects your asset fully
  • Expands Upon Standard Leases
  • Licensed for Lifetime Use

Full Service Evictions and Other Court Appearances

We do everything.  You get the benefit of our experience.


  • We help you navigate the uncertainty of the courtroom
  • Competent legal representation from start to finish
  • Peace of mind from having our experience for asset protection
  • We take the controls, you are the co-pilot, a winning team
  • Practical advice you can understand, reducing your fears 

The 5 Top Avoidable Landlord Problems and Solutions

Get your FREE copy of the top 5 landlord problems, how to avoid them, and solutions oriented approaches.