Property Management Rates


Property management rates are not set in stone. 

In fact, there are a number of different ways property management companies in Fayetteville, NC set up their property management rates. 


Percentage Based Property Management Rates


In Fayetteville, NC, you will find that the majority of property management companies charge a property management rate that is based on a percentage of your house for rent in Fayetteville.

In our opinion, pricing property management services in this manner is a disservice to you as a landlord and property owner. 

A percentage based pricing model charges you more money for the same service, and decreases your return on investment due to the set property management rates. 

We discuss this fundamentally flawed way of structuring property management services in this manner on our pricing page. 

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Flat Fee Property Management Rates


At Linchpin Property Management, we believe in charging all of our owners the same price for property management, and you get our high quality of service at a property management rate of $100 per month. 

This is called a flat fee pricing structure. 

What this means for you, is that you get more cashflow back into your pocket because your cost for property management will not fluctuate based upon the amount of rental income you generate. 

Additionally, it also gives you the assurance that all of our landlords and property owners are paying the same property management rates, and no one is paying more than the other for the same exact service. 

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Let’s break that down a little bit more. 

With other property management companies, you are charged a percentage of your monthly rental income as your property management rate. So if you are paying a 10% monthly property management rate, and your monthly rental amount is $1,500, you will pay $150 a month to the property management company. 

Conversely, your neighbor next door only charges $1000 a month, so they are paying a $100 a month property management rate, but is getting the same exact service as you are. 

This doesn’t seem right does it? 

That’s because it isn’t right. Additionally, there is no valid reason as to why there is a difference in pricing, other than you are paying more. 

You can read more about this pricing structure on our pricing page. 


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What Goes into Property Management Cost


When you decide on a property management company to manage your property, there are a number of things you should consider. While property management rates should be a concern, there are other things that you should look at when determining where you want to take your business. 

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The Structure of the Property Management Company


The structure of the property management company should be at the forefront of your thoughts in addition to the property management rates. 

At Linchpin Property Management, the structure of our property management company distinguishes us from other companies in Fayetteville, NC in a number of ways. 

First, all of our property managers are licensed real estate brokers. What this means is that your property management rate is paying for someone who is actually licensed in North Carolina to manage your property. 

With other property management companies, you will find that the day to day management of your property is left to a property manager who isn’t a licensed real estate agent. 

Why would you want your property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, left in the hands of someone who doesn’t hold a license. 

No other asset and investment management profession does this. Why would you settle for less. 

Second, we have the lowest asset to manager ratio than any other company in the business. 

All of our property managers are capped at 75 managed properties in their management portfolios. What this means is that your property receives the attention it deserves. 

We have found that when property managers are overworked, they tend to ignore important things that are necessary to maintain and increase the return on investment for your rental property. As a result, your property management rate is going to a company who is not getting the job done. 

At Linchpin, our low ratio of property managers to properties is one of the hallmarks of our asset management program. 

Third, we are the only property management company in Fayetteville, NC owned by a retired military lawyer, and licensed North Carolina attorney. 

What this means is that your property is protected legally on all fronts. 

Who wouldn’t want their asset protected by a licensed attorney? And all for our reasonable property management rate.  


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