Find the Best Property Management Company in Fayetteville, North Carolina


Looking for the best property management company in Fayetteville, North Carolina can often seem like a daunting tasks.  When you google “best property management company in Fayetteville, North Carolina,” what pops up?


First, you are bombarded with the paid advertisements.  The way Google works is they promote property management companies in Fayetteville that pay for ads.  We suppose that’s fair, on Google’s part, since the company more or less paid to get their advertisement in front of you.  To you as looking for someone you can trust with your biggest investment, it’s of little to no value.  Google webpage rankings are not an indication of the quality of services the property management company will provide for Fayetteville real estate investors and homeowners. In fact, it is more like a bounty.  The highest bidder gets a higher placement.  The ranking in Google is not based on quality. 

Second, you are met with what is called the Google “Three Pack.”  Ever notice the map that appears when you do a  for Fayetteville, North Carolina ? This is the Three Pack list.  It is the list that Google puts in front of you, once again, based upon whether or not the company has paid for ads.  Again, this is not an indication of quality service, but instead is indicative of the property management company in Fayetteville paying Google to be placed at the top of the Three Pack.

Third, you encounter property management companies in Fayetteville that are not transparent in their websites.  These property management companies want you to give them a call to discuss their pricing structure.  Why isn’t this information contained on their website?  Why, as an owner, would you have to jump through several loops to find out the cost you will pay for your services?  At Linchpin Property Management, we believe in transparency for our investors, and always believe in putting the bottom like up front.

Fourth, you encounter property management companies in Fayetteville that also do sales.  Selling houses is their primary focus, and property management is merely an after thought and a way to provide revenue to the other departments within that real estate or property management company. Real estate sales and construction companies have even gone so far as to make separate Fayetteville property management divisions, but the revenue that is made, on your investment, is merely funneled to the other divisions to increase their revenue. At Linchpin Property Management, one hundred percent of your fees go to property management, no where else. 

Fifth, the ugly truth about property management is that your investment may not be managed by a qualified Fayetteville Real Estate Broker.  Property management companies often use unlicensed property managers to manage your property.  What this means is that the person that is managing your real estate asset, is not a licensed real estate broker.  Instead, they may have gone through some one the job training (if the property management company has one), and now are in charge of a real estate investment portfolio worth millions of dollars.  Is there something wrong with this?  It most certainly is.  Would you turn over any other asset to someone who has not gone through any formal training to manage your investments?  At Linchpin Property Management, every property is managed by a qualified real estate broker with years of experience. This ensures that you can rest peacefully knowing your asset is taken care of by a qualified real estate broker.

Finding the best property management company in Fayetteville, North Carolina can seem like a huge process, and it should be.  Don’t jump on a ship because they offer the lowest rates, popped up first in your Google search, or are the biggest company in Fayetteville.  Instead, have a well thought out approach to placing what might be your biggest asset in the hands of a company that actual cares.

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The Team at Linchpin Property Management.