Collecting Rent During COVID

Get your FREE plan of action to start collecting rent during COVID prepared by a licensed North Carolina attorney.


Collecting rent during COVID can be a very difficult undertaking.  In fact, the federal, state and local governments have made it almost impossible to get through the process.  The CDC Coronavirus guidance doesn’t help in the least.

And you might be wondering if there is a way as to how to collect rent during the Coronavirus. 

At Linchpin Property Management, we are in a good position being the only property management company in North Carolina with a CEO that is a retired military attorney, and licensed North Carolina lawyer.

What this means is that our clients are not experiencing the same difficulties other property management clients are when it comes to collecting rent during the Coronavirus.  And we also can handled evicting tenants who are in violation of the lease, even during the current pandemic.

Realizing that some landlords who don’t have a property management company are experiencing difficulty collecting rent from tenants during COVID, our CEO, designed a guide to assist the landlords in collecting rent, and getting back their money owed. 

Our guide on How to Collect Rent During COVID, provides you with a detailed plan of action as to how to start collecting rent, as well as forms you can send to the tenant to help you along the way.

It makes the process of collecting rent a little easier, and it is yours for FREE.

You can watch the video below, and then click the link after the video to get a copy of your free guide.

Also, if you are a North Carolina landlord, and need help with the eviction process, simply reach out to us to set up a call with our CEO, and he will walk you through the process.

We know that this time is particularly challenging, with collecting rent during COVID, so we want to set you up for success, and hopefully get you started to collecting rent again.

We are here to answer all of your questions about the Coronavirus, and navigate your concerns with you.

Now take a look at the video below, and don’t forget to click on the link to get your free guide.

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